When I was 15, I had such a strong draw to the 60's & 70's that I pulled every vintage piece of clothing from my mom's closet and wore them thin. Or I bought old clothes from Value Village and put my own twist on them by adding patterned fabrics to  jeans to create funky bell-bottoms , tie-dying corduroy pants and old beat up shirts, and even designing my own hemp jewelry.

I was a creator and wanted so much to do something different than what my classmates and friends were doing. I wanted to carve my own path and adventure to new places, both literally and figuratively.

Fast forward to now and I'm still there. While I'm not repurposing my own clothes, I'm creating colourful, nostalgic, playful pieces that aren't like anything you might see out there. 


Keepin it Real Stamp of Authenticity