I'm a Hustla Baby

For 7 years, I have worked as a graphic designer at a large architecture and engineering firm. There, I create marketing and promotional materials hoping like hell they give our teams the edge to win work. We're a fun bunch and always seem to be busy with our next venture but after I punch out for the day I always seem to crave more. 

Enter my side-hustle.

When I'm not out on a hike with my dog or at the gym dead-lifting until my knees shake, I'm in front of my sketchbook or my computer exploring, experimenting, and playing around with new ideas and ultimately, designing things I want to see in the world.

This past year, I have been a part of some really fun opportunities. Earlier in the year, I was accepted to open up shop at Curioos.com; In June, I participated in a HotArtWetCity group art show called "Eat Yo Self" and, recently, their annual button show "Hot One Inch Action"; And this past month, I was invited to write for Prsuit.com.

My main goal in both my art and design is to make an impact on people, whether it's simply taking notice, providing a smile, or inspiring them in some fashion. It's what fires me up and excites me so naturally I'm drawn to projects that gives me those warm and fuzzies. 

So if you have a rad project that you'd like to collaborate on, let me know! Or check out my shops below!

Some FAQ's

I love your artwork. Can I commission you for a project?

Of course! Let's chat.

I love your design work. Can I hire you on a freelance basis?

You can! So long as you don't require a quick turn-around and we are a good fit. Due to my full-time work and my artwork projects, my only available hours are evenings and weekends at the moment. Having said that, I am prompt in my communications with you so any questions can be cleared up right away. 

What kind of work do you do?

I’m a graphic designer and visual artist, which means I do any type of visual design or illustration. I can totally do a brochure or a poster, but the jobs that really interest me are the ones that involve layered thinking. (Check out my portfolio to see what I mean)! The work I accept usually falls into one of the following categories:

  • Print design
  • Logo design
  • T-Shirt design
  • Infographic design
  • Illustration

How much does it cost?

My rates are aligned with industry standards and based on your project’s budget, deadline, and complexity. Your quote is project based, rather than hourly, and I ask for 50% up front, with the remainder due upon final project delivery.

How do I know we're a good fit & I'll get what I'm looking for?

My suggestion when hiring any designer, even a tattoo artist, is always look at their portfolio of work. That will give you a good indication of style and quality.  

My budget is limited. Can you work within it?

While my quote does take your project budget into consideration, I can’t guarantee that we’ll be a good fit. In cases where my quote doesn’t fit your budget, I can recommend a few designers with less experience who may be able to accommodate your needs.

How many revisions do I get?

Because each project is unique, I develop a custom step-by-step outline to fit your needs. We can negotiate the number of revisions into the initial quote, and any revisions above and beyond that will be charged at my hourly rate.

I don’t like the design, can I get a refund?

While the 50% up front fee is non-refundable, you do have the chance to pull out if the drafts I provide are not meeting your mark. Having said that, I do my best to avoid these situations by doing research, asking a lot of questions, and providing opportunities for revision. I’ve also built an initial face-to-face meeting into my graphic design process in order to understand your needs, vision, and goals.

What’s your graphic design process?

My process is based on transparency and communication. We start by chatting about your idea and move through the steps to develop a design that fits your vision. 

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