Hi, I'm Amanda

And I'm a dual-brainer; Being equally left as much as I am, right-brained.

While I have a strong sense of logic, a keen eye for detail, and an inherent need to be well-organized, I am also “big-picture” oriented, imaginative, and visual. Being a dual-brainer, allows me to be just as efficient on administrative tasks as I am on creative tasks.

On a personal level, I’m a positive, energetic person who loves to learn new things and push the limits of myself as well as my design skills. I’m an explorer at heart so I am continuously intrigued by things I don’t know or understand which always has me asking questions and researching.

My objective is to always learn, grow, and expand my horizons both personally and professionally.

I'm a Hustla Baby

For 7 years, I have worked as a graphic designer at a large architecture and engineering firm. There, I create marketing and promotional materials hoping like hell they give our teams the edge to win work. We're a fun bunch and always seem to be busy with our next venture but after I punch out for the day I always seem to crave more. 

Enter my side-hustle.

When I'm not out on a hike with my dog or at the gym dead-lifting until my knees shake, I'm in front of my sketchbook or my computer exploring, experimenting, and playing around with new ideas and ultimately, designing things I want to see in the world.

This past year, I have been a part of some really fun opportunities. Earlier in the year, I was accepted to open up shop at Curioos.com; In June, I participated in a HotArtWetCity group art show called "Eat Yo Self" and, recently, their annual button show "Hot One Inch Action"; And this past month, I was invited to write for Prsuit.com.

My main goal in both my art and design is to make an impact on people, whether it's simply taking notice, providing a smile, or inspiring them in some fashion. It's what fires me up and excites me so naturally I'm drawn to projects that gives me those warm and fuzzies. 

So if you have a rad project that you'd like to collaborate on, let me know! Or check out my shops below!

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Selected Exhibitions

2016 Hot One Inch Action, Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC
2016 Eat Yo Self (Group Show) Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC

"Amanda is the first person I turn to when I need graphic design or illustration work done. She's a pleasure to work with and very talented. I'm always impressed with how well the concepts she comes up with fit with my needs. I definitely recommend her!" 

Stephanie Hall
Marketing & Communications Manager, Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland