Design at Play

I've always been a big believer in the concept of play; In work and in life. When you have fun with what you're doing, people feel it. They're drawn to it. They're inspired by it. The result, a far richer experience, incredible stories, and a life well-lived. 

Having fun, getting curious, and experimenting with design is what I strive to do with each project. My goal is to design and illustrate in order to bring out the "play" in people. With my retro-themed adventure items, I want to evoke happy memories of the past, inspire new adventures, and allow people to find a unique and hip way to share their passions and stories with the world.

My work is inspired by whimsical, retro-inspired design, the nature that surrounds me, and being goofy when the right moment arises. 

My Background

I studied art and design at UFV, BCIT, and Emily Carr over a period of 6 years. Since 2006, I have been designing and illustrating as an in-house graphic designer while occasionally taking on contract or freelance-gigs. In the last couple of years, I've been spending evenings and weekends designing for myself to break away from the corporate world I've been a part of for so long. This has allowed me to experiment, hone my skills, and refine my processes. 

My Etsy Adventure

Since January of 2017, I've been selling items like patches, stickers, and buttons from my Etsy shop. There you'll find retro-inspired designs made for the adventurous spirit, to bring back memories once had or inspire new adventures yet to begin.

In the first year, I gained 600+ admirers, received 1200+ sales, am featured in 16 shops around the US and Canada, and was accepted into 4 local markets. And that's just the beginning!

I operate my shop from my basement suite with a little help from my boyfriend and 4-year old border collie x husky - who I'm always adventuring with in my free time. 

To make the products, I collaborate with some awesome individuals and small businesses that have ethical work practices, pay their employees a livable wage, and provide me with high quality pieces. This business model allows me to collaborate with some amazing people who specialize in production. This, in turn, allows me to focus my creative efforts on design, researching new product, and running my Etsy shop as efficiently as possible.

You can stay up to date by following me on Instagram or touch base with me directly through my contact page.

Retail Locations

You can find some of my stickers in the following stores:


44 Degrees North, McCall, ID
Adventure Standard, Denver, CO
Apple Blossom Mercantile, Houghton, MI
Commerce and Craft, Salt Lake City, UT
DNA Galleries, Oklahoma City, OK
Great Basin Cafe, Baker, NV
Huckleberry Mercantile, Meridian, ID
La Chic Boutique, Sandpoint, ID
Luxe Apothetique, Austin, TX
MADE, Jackson, WY
Magical Scraps, Breckenridge, CO
Huckleberry Mercantile, Meridian, ID
MOSS, Port Angeles, WA
Rebel Reclaimed, Grand Rapids, MI
Relics, Peoria, IL
Spa Moab, Moab, UT
Seaside Station, Bainbridge Island, WA
The Gypsy Wagon, Multiple Locations
Vida pour Tea, Greensboro, NC


BCIT Bookstore, Burnaby, BC
Handworks Coffee Studio, Burnaby, BC
Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre, Port Hardy, BC

Selected Exhibitions / Markets


Strathcona Winter Craft Fair, Nov 25, Vancouver
Eastside Flea, Oct 21st & 22nd, Vancouver
West Elm Popup, Oct 7th, Vancouver
Etsy Vancouver Summer Popup Market, Aug 5-6, 
New Westminster

Cotton Bureau, 'Happy Camper', 'Road Tripper', 'Trail Blazer'

Carded, Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC


Hot One Inch Action, Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC

Eat Yo Self (Group Show) Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC

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