Retro-inspired design & illustration that inspires adventure, play, & simplicity.

As a kid, you were free to play and imagine without boundaries. You had adventures riding bikes, climbing trees, and finding trouble to get into. It was a simpler time. Before cell phones and the internet took hold. Before bills, work, and never-ending to-do lists.

I yearn to go back to those days, just to have a piece of that simplicity again. But because Doc Brown has yet to invent a REAL time machine, I’m left to bring a little bit of that into my every day—and into yours—through design & illustration. This is “design at play” and the reason for doing what to do.

The end goal is to encourage people get away from the grind to enjoy some serenity or have some fun. I want to evoke memories of adventures once had, inspire a new adventure, or, at the very least, allow people to share their passions or dreams with the world in a uniquely expressive way. 

My work is influenced by themes of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s where colour was playful and typography was whimsical. Design back then evoked feelings of freedom, was wildly experimental, and full of imagination, which is why I love it so. It is also heavily influenced by my own personal adventures which includes travel, being among nature, and living life to the fullest.