Amanda Weedmark - Design at play

My name is Amanda. 

I'm a graphic designer and digital illustrator who was born and raised on the west coast of British Columbia.

My goal is to tell a story through design and illustration to inspire happy lives and put a smile on people's faces. My work is whimsical and, sometimes, cheeky in nature, and is reflective of the life I live; Happy, colourful, adventurous. 

My background

I studied art and design at UFV, BCIT, and Emily Carr over a period of 6 years and landed full time work in the industry shortly after.

Since 2006, I have been designing and illustrating for mostly in-house positions and over the last couple of years, have been dedicating evenings and weekends to personal projects. This has allowed me to explore new ideas as well as improve and refine my processes, while making the final pieces available for sale online. This has led to many small successes over the years like being selected for small group art shows and online curated art collections. Most recently, selling items like patches, stickers, and buttons from my Etsy shop.

You can stay up to date by following me on Instagram or touch base with me directly through my contact page.

Retail Locations

You can find some of my stickers in the following stores:
DNA Galleries, Oklahoma City, OK
Seaside Station, Bainbridge Island, WA
MADE, Jackson, WY

Selected Exhibitions

2017 - Cotton Bureau, 'Happy Camper', 'Road Tripper'
2017 - Carded, Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC
2016 - Hot One Inch Action, Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC
2016 - Eat Yo Self (Group Show) Hot Art Wet City
Vancouver, BC

Other Features

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2017, Colourful Kitchen
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2016, Foodie collection
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2016, Top 10 Shop (Oct 17-23)