Needs Assessment Tool

This is a tool that helps me assess whether I will be a good match for the job. It also, more importantly, helps me gather as much information as possible so that if I am a good match, I will be able to immediately provide you with a fair and accurate quote.

In order to do this effectively, it is important you answer as many of the fields as you can so we can proceed with next steps. Note that your information is kept private and will not be shared.

In this section, I will gather some basic information about you and your company.
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Address (optional)
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In this section, I will gather information about the project and its requirements.
Please describe in detail what kind of piece you're looking to have created, outline expectations, and goals you may have.
Describe the type of person you will be targeting with this piece. What are their likes & dislikes? What appeals to them?
How many products will the artwork/illustration appear on? *
In what geographical areas will the artwork/illustration be used? *
If for commercial use, where in the world will this artwork/illustration/product be distributed?
How long will the artwork/illustration run/be used for? *
Do you require exclusive rights? *
Do you want to be the only person / company (outside of the illustrator) to use this design while the art license is active?
This a TOTAL number that would include design fees, licensing fees, and disbursements.
In this section, I will get a sense for the project schedule.
When do you want to start?
When do you want to start?
What is the deadline to have this finalized & in-hand by?
What is the deadline to have this finalized & in-hand by?
In this section, I will gather information on some of your communication preferences.
What's your communication preference?
How often would you require updates on the project?
Is it OK to call you to clarify anything I may be unsure of?