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Graphic designer gives new meaning to the Golden Turd Award

VANCOUVER, BC, March 15, 2017 – On April 1st, Amanda Weedmark will announce her first annual Golden Turd Award in an effort to celebrate the failures, flaws, and mistakes in life rather than be shamed by them.

“As humans, we all make mistakes, embarrass ourselves, or fail at some point - but I don’t think we laugh at or embrace them enough. I used to get really paralyzed by those moments – and sometimes still do - but that just makes things worse so this award, for me, reminds me to make light of crappy situations, laugh at the silly ones, and to not let it consume you.”

As graphic designer and digital illustrator she visualized the, already existing, award in a way that people would be happy to gift, to collect, and to wear. “I saw the Golden Turd Award trophies and didn’t think they were very nice. They felt so gross and shameful – and yeah, that’s the point of it - but I wanted to create something friendlier that people would enjoy giving away, receiving, and wearing with pride.”

With that in mind, and taking inspiration from her youth as a Brownie, she designed a limited edition collector patch with metallic thread. “I only made 100 so that this award felt special and the people getting them would feel privileged, in a way.”

The two people she is choosing for the award are people who inspire others on a large scale and are representative of what this award stands for. “These award winners are public figures who not only make a living off of poking fun at the stuff of life but they are a self-proclaimed screw ups and aren’t ashamed to admit their failures or embarrassing moments. That’s why I think it’s appropriate to award them with this. Hopefully, when they get their award package, they see it as a compliment instead of an insult and that I stay out of their line of fire.” She laughs.

Amanda will post a video announcing her winner(s) on April 1st at 12pm PST on her website. “I’ve never done anything like this before so the thought of putting myself out there, definitely scares me. I’m a ‘behind the screen’ kinda girl and not an entertainer by any means - but I wanted to try something new and try to connect with people in a fun way.”

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