Meet Dust City Wood Stickers

A different kind of ‘spotlight’ for you; Meet Dust City Wood Stickers in Denver, Colorado. They make some really neat wood veneer stickers and support designers and artists from all over, featuring a new one every 2 months. Their products are made from sustainably grown and harvested wood so they’re an all natural product that will biodegrade. A cool concept for nature lovers out there.

We initially met online. I was searching the web for environmentally friendly stickers to add to my collection and happened to come across them through an Instagram account I follow. I inquired about getting some custom wood stickers made for my own shop and they responded, asking if I was interested in being a feature artist instead. This meant they’d handle the selling and the inventory, and I’d handle providing artwork, receiving a royalty on each sale. This is what licensing is and it appealed to me since I could forget about inventory, finding stores to carry the product, and managing the orders for it. Mind you, it wouldn’t have been a stretch from what I’m currently doing but in all honesty, it would be nice to find more design time so this is why the idea of licensing, really appeals to me.

I admit I was nervous. I’m still new to this side of the business as I never had the opportunity to do something bigger than a one-time event before so I worried what I was missing, what I didn’t know, or whether I was making the right call. In those instances, you have to go with your gut and do your best. That’s what I did. My gut was saying ‘yes’. Plus, I had already picked up a bit of knowledge from doing those small license deals and had also read quite a few books & other articles on the subject. With all of this in mind, I figured I had as much as I needed to know to make a sound decision. And sure, I may not enter into it perfectly, I would learn and that would be OK.

After some back and forth on details and signing on the dotted line, we were in business! As of September 5th, 12 of my designs went live with more to be added soon.

I’m really excited to be partnered with them as they offer a really cool product that is available all over North America. I encourage you to go visit their site, learn about their product, and support a North American business (and their artists).