How to Customize with Hook & Loop Patches

Hook and loop Road Tripper Embroidered Patch by Amanda Weedmark. Bag and photo by  Sugar and Candy

Hook and loop Road Tripper Embroidered Patch by Amanda Weedmark. Bag and photo by Sugar and Candy

Using hook and loop patches to customize your gear

Many of you are familiar with iron on and sew on patches. They are the standard backing on most patches which allow you to personalize jackets, jeans, hats, bags, and sashes. A fun way to show your personality in a tangible, portable fashion. The upside is they are somewhat permanent fixtures once ironed or sewed on. But, that’s also their downside.

Change your mind. Change your patch.

Our moods and likes can change. Why can’t our patches change with them? Hook and loop patches are great for customizing our patch display based on what we’re feeling.

Our moods and likes can change from day to day and week to week. Why can’t our patches change with our moods too? That’s why I started offering patches with a hook and loop backing when I first got into the patch game almost 3 years ago now.

What is hook and loop?

Hook and loop embroidered patches by Amanda Weedmark

Hook and loop refers to two pieces of fabric that have different types of fastening material on them. It’s commonly seen on non-lace up shoes or jacket closures. One side of the fabric is rigid tiny hooks. While the other is smaller fuzzy loops. When the two are pressed together the two sides fasten or bind temporarily. When you pull or peel the two surfaces apart, you’ll hear a distinct “ripping” sound – but it doesn’t actually rip. You can repeat this action multiple times over. This type of backing is easy to use, safe, and maintenance free.

Is it better?

Depends on who you ask and what your preferences are. I think they’re better because they allow you to switch it up on any given day while also keeping the original fabric free of iron on glue and heat. All that’s required to get started with these, are some stitches to adhere the loop side to your item and some great hook-backed patches.

Happy Camper Embroidered Patch by Amanda Weedmark

Won’t they fall off?

The quality of the hook and loop material is key to keeping them put. Luckily, the quality of the hook and loop on the patches I sell are quite strong. I have to really pull on them to get the two pieces apart. The loop side also is large enough to fasten the entire patch to, which makes it less vulnerable to snagging or being pulled off.

My experience:

I’ve had multiple patches on my backpack for over a year with no issues with them falling off or being stolen.

I don’t have the loop side. Now what?

Some of my patches don’t come with the loop side but obtaining this part is really easy. Simply go down to your local fabric or hardware store to grab what you need. Square or round, it doesn’t matter. Just be sure you’re purchasing a piece large enough to fit the largest edge of your patch. So if you own a patch that has a longest edge of 3”, purchase a 3” x 3” piece to ensure it will stay fastened down.

If you don’t own a sewing machine or have great sewing skills, ask your local dry cleaner or seamstress to sew it on.

How do I sew the loop side on?

You can do it by hand or by sewing machine. I’m not great at either so if you’re like me, head down to your local dry cleaner or seamstress to have them sew it on for a few bucks.

Where can I find hook and loop patches?

I have many in my shop. Most are 2-piece hook and loop, which means you get both sides. If it doesn’t say that, it’s just the hook side.

Some of my patches are limited edition so if you’d like to get in on the drops right away, sign up to my newsletter.

Can I purchase gear with the loop side already sewn on?

Yes you can! I’ve scoured my patch forums for the best functional, patch-displaying gear. The most important thing is that they already have the loop side sewn on somewhere.


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