Make the Most of your Pocket Notebook

Uses and ideas for your pocket notebook

From the time I could write, I had a journal or notebook by my side writing down my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Some I’d keep in my bedside table. Others, in my backpack. And some right in my pocket.

Dot grid provides me with just enough structure to the page to create lists, draw lettering, or doodle without the distractions of lines.

Currently, I have a number of medium to large notebooks that I use for different things scattered about in my office and on my desk. However, they’re too big carry around with me when I’m commuting or travelling. That’s why I absolutely LOVE pocket notebooks.

Why carry a pocket notebook?

Pocket notebooks are great for on-the-go note-taking or sketching as they are lightweight and fit perfectly in a back pocket, bag, or purse.

Ideas and things to remember usually happen at unexpected or inconvenient moments. And phones are always a promise of getting side tracked, and forgetting. (Trust me, I’ve been there!) That’s why I’m a big fan of these little notebooks.

Experts also say writing something down, helps you remember something and even achieve goals, easier. That’s always a good thing.

Pocket Notebook Size

The average size of pocket notebooks run around 3.5” wide by 5.5” high but can range slightly smaller or larger depending on the brand. The interior pages range from blank, grid, lined, or dot grid. Sometimes even custom pages, for a specific purpose.

Given the size and general light weight of these notebooks, they’re easy to store and refer back to at any point in the near future.

Dot grid

Dot grid

Pocket Notebook Page Styles

My personal preference is dot grid as it provides me with just enough structure to the page to create lists, draw lettering, or doodle without the distractions of additional lines that grid and lined pages tend to create. And blank pages, well, those are just too perfect that they’re intimidating to even muck up so I tend not to enjoy those as much.

Pocket Notebook Uses & Ideas

Notebooks can be used for a number of things. If you’re new to notebooks and/or stuck for what to put in them, here are a few ideas (or challenges) to get you started:

Sketches from my latest pocket notebook

Sketches from my latest pocket notebook


  • Things to Pack

  • Places to Visit

  • Bucket Lists

  • Projects to Tackle

  • Food to Try

  • Gift List Ideas

  • Addresses

  • Books to Read

  • Netflix Shows to Watch

  • To Do’s

  • Grocery Lists

  • Recipes

  • Things to Plant

  • Tasks

  • Goals

  • Reminders


  • Quotes

  • Passages from books

  • Conference / meeting takeaways

  • Poems

  • Lyrics

  • Musings

  • Random Thoughts & Ideas


  • Daily sketches / sketchnoting

  • Doodles

  • Inventions

  • People

  • Places

  • Still Life

  • Logo Research


  • Random Notes

  • Reviews

  • Book Ideas

  • Short Stories

  • Dreams

  • Anxieties

  • Fears

  • Gratitude

  • Daily Journal

  • Travels

  • Garden Notes

How do you use your pocket notebooks? Comment below.


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