Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

"Colouring outside the lines is a fine art." - Kim Nance

When I was in high-school, I had experiences that were nothing like my classmates. They all had boyfriends/girlfriends, went to parties, and kept up to the trends. Even when I tried to fit in and run with the crowd, rejection would ultimately put me in my place.

While at the time I was disheartened, I slowly learned to embrace - and even love - not mirroring my classmates' experiences. I showed up to school in clothes I had altered in some way, jewellery I had made the weekend before, hung out with my friends carefree of any relationship pressures. I started to be respected for taking my own path, being seen as a 'brave soul' willing to show who I was regardless of what others thought. Swimming against the current was working better than trying to swim with it. That pattern of behaviour became habit and now, as an adult, I crave the 'different', the 'unique', the 'quirky'.

That's not to say I'm opposed to following crowds or trends from time-to-time. It's just more often than not, I am more interested in objects, experiences, or places that fall into those categories. To me, it's like finding buried treasure and satisfies a certain need to find something a little different. When it comes time to travel somewhere, that exploration doesn't stop.

Like Alice, I thrive on falling down the rabbit hole to see what kind of adventure awaits. 

In September, I will be jet-setting to Montreal and New York. Being the organizer I am, I wanted to pick up some guide books to help me plan a bit. Since I already have a familiarity with what to see and do in these places, I wanted to find a guide book that showed me something off the beaten path. 

Browsing my Facebook News Feed one day, I came across a Graphik Magazine article showcasing these CITIx60 City Guides; Guide books for creatives, by creatives! And beautifully designed...naturally. In these guides, musicians, artist, illustrators, and agencies chime in on the hidden gems of the city they live in, giving you a chance to do something you may not have thought of otherwise.  

Great typography & illustration was what originally attracted me.

When it arrived, I got an unexpected surprise. The cover unfolded into a wonderfully illustrated map. 

From food, to shopping, to architecture, you'll find something interesting to check out - outside of the tourist hot spots.

At the back are some note & sketch pages which is a handy thing to have when inspiration hits.

It's a guide book to Wonderland that will, no doubt, feed the curious explorer in me. What a great little find!

You too can pick one up here along with many other beautifully designed books.
Enjoy your journey!