Ground Control to Major Dog : 1st Design Approved!

What's the point of doing it, working that hard, and not telling people about it? At least open your window and shout. - Barbara Walters

As a graphic designer, selling is an important part of your job. For freelancers, it's what you have to do to stay alive. For in-house designers, it's what you have to do to pitch an idea. You have to hustle, take risks, tell the world you're here, show people what you're made of. It can be a vulnerable place to be. The trick to getting passed it is to face it and put yourself out there regardless of any fears or doubts you may have. If you succeed, great! If you get rejected, take what you can from the experience and move on to the next! 

A few days ago, I finished a new illustration of a dog in space. He was inspired by something I saw on Reddit and couldn't resist the urge to draw & digitize him for a t-shirt. Browsing Threadless, I noticed a "Sh*t the Internet Says" category and decided to enter him - since that's where my original inspiration came from. I'm happy to say it was approved! While this isn't for the purposes of putting food on the table, it IS an attempt to "open my window and shout".

So please share, vote, or fund. I appreciate your support in whatever you choose to do.