Art, Clarified

While this ad campaign has been running for quite some time, I've personally never seen it before so I had to share.

What's beautiful about it is the absence of story. No words. Lots of gorgeous asymmetrical white space. And great visual balance on the page. It helps that they had a strong design concept. Anything more, anything less, and it would have lost all impact. It's an art in itself. Well done Y&R.

Y&R advertising campaign  for KelOptic, Paris, France

Y&R advertising campaign for KelOptic, Paris, France

Personalize Your Face with a Typeface

Be the type of person you want to meet.  - Unknown

Glasses, like a well-made hat or watch, are a fashion accessory I think most overlook. Some tend to have a stigma around glasses and don't wear them because of a bad experience wearing them as a kid or they just don't like how they look. Fair enough. But what if I were to tell you that glasses are a pretty neat way to accessorize and showcase your personality. Just like we personalize the things we design with type, we - too - can be personalized with type. I stumbled across a company that actually designs glasses based on some classic typefaces.

Check them out!

Snapshot from the website