Be Bold. Be Daring.

Be Bold. Be Daring.

When you think of taking a risk, what do you think of? Putting a weeks worth of earnings on red in roulette? Jumping out of a plane? Learning to ride a motorcycle? Walking over hot coals? Learn how to think about risk in a different way to take full advantage of the opportunities when they arise.

Authentic Art

Authentic Art

So many great artists are the victims of infringement and the sad part is you'd probably never know it. Sometimes THEY won't know it either. Find out some tips and tricks on how to identify authentic art and ensure your money is going to the artist.

Cotton Bureau : Road Tripper

I'm very lucky to have another design available for pre-order on Cotton Bureau.

You'll recognize the illustration from my Road Tripper sticker design that's been selling really well in my Etsy shop. For this shirt design, I simply removed the text to make the focal point the van, adventuring off into the sunset. 

I have lots of great road trip memories and still love me a good road trip. Sometimes to the point where I wish the journey was just a little longer. What I love best about them, especially going with friends or family, is that you get a chance to connect, to tell stories, and have little to no distractions. (Unless you're driving of course). And even when you're by yourself, it can offer some great solitude and down time.

What you're favourite part about them?

Sticker Mule : Dribbble Canada Playoff Challenge

Go give this one a 'like' on Dribbble by clicking  here .

Go give this one a 'like' on Dribbble by clicking here.

Just for fun (and a $20 credit to Sticker Mule), I designed a potential sticker for the Canada Challenge Playoff. Its concept is based on the welcoming nature of Canadians, retro motel signage, and a simple colour palette of hot reds and cool, icey blues.

If you're interested in participating, it's on until June 29th. Details can be found here.

Father's Day Feature : Redbubble

My Happy Camper was featured in Redbubble's Father's Day blog post today. Wahoo! What an exciting email to get. That definitely makes me a Happy Camper :-)

This Happy Camper design has been so popular, I'm not only expanding on products I offer in my Etsy shop, but I'm also expanding my line of designs to include more adventure/outdoor themed designs. 

Take a peek at some I've already got available - and there's definitely more coming down the pipe so stay in touch with me on instagram to get the latest on when new designs are available. 

Happy Camper : Cotton Bureau

Some exciting news hit my inbox yesterday; My Happy Camper design was chosen to join Cotton Bureau's fabulous catalogue of t-shirts for 2 weeks. 

What does that mean exactly? Well, it'll be available for pre-order on the Cotton Bureau website for 2 weeks. Since I've currently locked down 16 sales, it'll definitely print (12 was the minimum) but, it's only available until May 16th at 8PM so go grab one here while you still can. If you were a little late on the ball, go forth and put in a request to have it come back!

Sold as stickers, buttons, and - soon - patches through my Etsy shop.

Sold as stickers, buttons, and - soon - patches through my Etsy shop.

A little history on this was originally inspired by my top selling Happy Camper design shown here and I adjusted it to suit the 4 colour screen printing process. I almost think it got even more vintage-y with the 4 colours which is awesome. What do you think?

Generally speaking, I wanted this design to bring back feelings of childhood and summer's away, camping among the trees and under the stars. I know it does that for me so I hope it does that for all you outdoor lovers out there too.

On top of it being sold at Cotton Bureau, it's also currently being sold on Redbubble on a number of items as well as stickers, buttons, and (soon) patches through my Etsy shop.

Design at Play : The Concept

My grandma at her 100th birthday party

My grandma at her 100th birthday party

My grandma passed away a couple of months ago now. She was 104 and she always amazed me with her determination to live life to the fullest and have fun no matter what was happening or how old she was.  

She never wanted to think she was getting older or feel like she was losing her independence so she kept life happening for as long as she possibly could before old age got the better of her.

She passed peacefully and her send off was a celebration of all her accomplishments and life experiences and, boy, they were grand. To name a couple, she had her 8th child at 46, she took a voyage on a Mediterranean cruise at 95, and also volunteered at a hospice thrift shop in her 90’s until she was 100. Of course there’s more but that is just a little snapshot to show you that she never let the grass never grow under her feet.

I do believe her young-at-heart spirit and playful outlook, kept her going for so many years and is what kept her mind healthy. The evidence of this may not necessarily be set in stone as fact but the studies that have been conducted state that feeling younger may lead to better health habits which in turn, helps you live longer. Makes sense.

Study or not though, this is a philosophy I believe in personally and try to practice as much as possible in my life because it just feels good to explore new things, be silly, get curious, and to not to take life so seriously sometimes. I also believe that everyone needs that. Just because we're adults, doesn't mean we have to be grown up at all times, right? NO! (That's just me though :) )

This concept serves as the foundation and inspiration for my design work as well which I hope to transfer to everyone that buys a little something from me. Whether it’s a gift for someone or a gift for yourself, my goal is to make you feel silly, happy, or help you brush off the icky things in life. That's what my "Design at play" tagline is all about.

So tell me, what’s your secret to life? What inspires you? What keeps you going? 
I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

3 Ring Circus : Sticker Pack

Limited Edition 3 Ring Circus, 2016

Limited Edition 3 Ring Circus, 2016

I launched a colourful new sticker pack today inspired by my 3 Ring Circus art print I illustrated last year and my youthful obsession with candy.

These guys are 3 in the first (of possibly many) volume(s) of quirky ring pop characters and only 50 sets are available. 

I've also made available a one-of art print that you can purchase with a sticker pack complete with stamp of authenticity, signature, and edition number. 

Check out my Etsy shop for more details and let me know what other stickers pack YOU want to see in the comments below.

Golden Turd Award Winners : 2017

Happy April Fools everyone! I hope you don't get too crazy with your pranks and tom foolery.

To me, April Fools is just another day but today, I thought I'd do something different and have a little fun of my own. This video will explain but if you don't already know, I designed a Golden Turd Award patch to help us celebrate our failures, flaws, and mistakes in life. Inspired by my own 'turd' moments, I wanted to turn a somewhat shameful concept into something more friendly and positive.

I can relate to being shamed all too well and it's not a nice feeling. When I was a young girl, I got picked on and always found a way to embarrass myself. Especially when I was trying to win over a boy or be part of the "cool" crowd. But now that I have an award (and I've had years to perfect the art of laughing at myself) I let these awkward moments happen as they need to and laugh at how ridiculous life can be sometimes. 

So in the spirit of the day, and this video, I'll share a 'turd' moment of mine that goes back to elementary. Please feel free to share yours below in the comments.

Winter. Grade 3. My teacher, Mrs. Bailey, was a large lady who was loud, stern, and never cracked a smile. I cowered in her presence and prayed I didn’t get called out to answer a question in class. If I was wrong, I feared being on the receiving end of a death stare or worse, have a ruler smacked across my desk. She was intimidating to say the least.

Before the lunchtime bell, we were informed that it had been snowing all morning and were advised that throwing snowballs at each other was not allowed but we were free to build snowmen and make snow angels if we wished.

My best friend and I bundled up and went outside. We didn’t want to build a snowman or make snow angels so decided, instead, to play a snowball throwing game where we would throw the snowball over our shoulders to hit the chalk circle we drew on the brick wall behind us. Technically, we weren’t throwing snowballs at each other so figured we were in the clear.

She threw hers first and hit just below the target. Next up was me. I stood at the marker, balled up my snow, turned my back to the wall, ready, aim, fire. With great force, I launched the snowball behind me. At that moment, my friend put her hands to her mouth and was frozen in horror. When I turned around to see if I had hit the target, there was my teacher - who was making lunch hour rounds - covered in snow. I had hit the target alright. Just the wrong one.

She stood there in disapproval and promptly made a “come hither” movement with her finger, asking me why I didn’t listen to instruction. I was brought inside for the rest of the lunch hour and was given a stern talking to but never actually got the punishment I thought I was in for. She actually went pretty easy on me, realizing that it was a mistake and I never meant to hit her. Even still, I cried from the sheer embarrassment of it all and never threw a snowball on the school grounds again.

Selected Exhibition : Carded 2017

I was super stoked to be a part of the last event at Hot Art Wet City (HAWC) called Carded. This Smart Ass was my submission and I was lucky to be 1/50 artists selected to have their art printed on trading cards.

I'm a bit of an introvert, even though I have some extroverted qualities, so sparking conversations with people I don't know is sometimes tough for me. However, these kind of events are a little more than your usual mix and mingle since we're all trying to hustle for the cards we want. I love connecting with the artists and, of course, the collectors who seek me out for a signature or trade. I also do some seeking as well when I get a card that I just have to get signed. I turn into a fan girl, running around trying to find the artist for a signature and meet and greet. That's when it gets fun.

I met some really great people at this one - as usual - and they always impress so I'm hoping they don't die with the closure of HAWC. Time will tell. 

This Smart Ass is a part of a larger series I've illustrated and can be found in multiple shops in the form of art prints, mugs, shirts, plaques and more. So head over to my main page and you'll be directed to where to find them.