Mission Impossible : Innovation Award Submission

The Challenge

An award submission was required for a unique project; Data had been collected among airports across North America and the performance on key metrics were assessed and compared against peer facilities. Creativity and presentation was a large part of the marks for this award submission.

The Solution

The theme that was chosen was "Mission Impossible" because of the nature of the initiative. What sounded like an impossible feat, was accomplished and portrayed in all of the visuals the accompanied the submission.

Submission package included mini-passports (showcasing the people behind the project), a brochure (which outlined sample data), submission letters and forms (printed on a beige, toothy paper stock), and a custom folder to keep it all together.

This award helped two young professionals win 2nd place.

Design Deliverables

Concept development, paper sourcing, layout & design, and submitting final files to the printer.