I love your artwork. Can I commission you for a project?

Of course! Let's chat.

I love your design work. Can I hire you on a freelance basis?

You can! So long as you don't require a quick turn-around and we are a good fit. My freelance work is done in the evenings & on weekends at the moment but that has never posed any issues with my clients. I make myself available throughout the day, via email to discuss details. If we need to meet, I can arrange a lunch or a Skype meeting so that we don't miss a beat.

How much does it cost?

My rates are aligned with industry standards and based on your project’s budget, deadline, and complexity. Your quote is project based, rather than hourly, and I ask for 50% up front, with the remainder due upon final project delivery.

My budget is limited. Can you work within it?

If your budget is relatively strict, I can let you know what I can offer within that budget range. Maybe you don't need multiple concepts of a logo design. Or 10 rounds of revisions. Those are the items we can pare down to hopefully suit your financial limitations.

How do I know I'll get what I'm looking for?

My suggestion before hiring any designer, even a tattoo artist for that matter, is to look at their portfolio of work. That will give you a good indication of style and quality right up front.

My process is based on transparency and communication which starts out as a conversation about your vision. From that point on, we move through the steps to develop a design that suits. 

I don’t like the design, can I get a refund?

While the 50% up front fee is non-refundable, you do have the chance to pull out if the drafts I provide are not meeting your mark. (Don't worry, I won't be offended.)

Having said that, I do my best to avoid these situations by doing research, asking a lot of questions, and providing opportunities for revision. I’ve also built an initial face-to-face meeting into my graphic design process in order to understand your needs, vision, and goals.